A New Bat World Sanctuary

We finished the construction of our new facility in Cool, Texas and moved in on August 11, 2014. We’ve worked very hard to accomplish this goal, but it could not have been possible without our generous and loyal supporters. Every time we’ve needed you, you’ve always stepped up, and we can’t possibly thank you enough!

Our new address is:
Bat World Sanctuary
299 High Point Rd
Weatherford, TX, 76088



6 thoughts on “A New Bat World Sanctuary”

  1. I did not know of your work until a friend showed a photo on Facebook, of all places! Great that you help our fellow mammals! Now if we could just get some respect and humane treatment for those we choose to eat.

  2. I grew up in central Texas and had bats next door in the attic of a hundred year old house. My parents loved them, and we would lay outside in the evening to watch them come out and eat. I grew up with skunks,raccoons,possums,etc., and still love rescuing them when I can. Your bats are awesome and beautiful, and want to donate when I can so you can keep doing the wonderful work you do. I share so much, my friends and family are learning more than they ever thought they would. Your bats are so lucky to have you helping them!! Thank you!

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