Baby See-through


Baby See-through is a baby bat’s tale nearly twenty years in the making! Written by Amanda Lollar, Founder and President of Bat World Sanctuary, and illustrated by renowned artist Sarah Kennedy.

In 1992, Amanda Lollar’s mother, Gladys, witnessed the first orphaned bat that came into Amanda’s care. Gladys insisted on naming the tiny bat “Baby See-through”, and encouraged Amanda to write a book about the orphan. Although Gladys did not live to see the book become a reality, she was promised that it would be created in loving memory of her. Now, that vow from daughter to mother is fulfilled and the story of how this pup came to love herself, and be loved because of her uniqueness, can be brought to children everywhere.

Recommended age group: Children. Hardback, 6″x7″. 50 pages. Includes a beautiful bookmark and a “color me” page. Click the mini-book below to view select pages.

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