Our Cyber-Stalker Mary Cummins

As many of our supporters know, we have been harassed and bullied by a relentless, mentally-troubled cyber-stalker, Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates in Los Angeles, for over three years.

In June of 2010, Mary Cummins applied for a 2-week internship at Bat World Sanctuary. She found the work too challenging to complete and left the program early after claiming to have bumped her head. Before leaving she demanded $2,500 for a cat scan and we refused to pay. By September, she had viciously maligned and defamed both our Founder, Amanda Lollar, as well Bat World Sanctuary on the Internet. Over the following months donations became nearly non-existent as our cyber-stalker is a search engine optimization expert and used “Google Bombs” to spread her defamation far and wide. In June of 2012, after a 4-day trial, represented pro bono by animal rights attorney, Randy Turner, we took a $6.1M judgment against Cummins.

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In retaliation, Cummins sued us in CA federal court for defamation for telling the truth of our tribulations with her. In November of 2012, the courts ruled that we had never defamed her but she had herself smeared her own name and tried to attribute it to us. Cummins also sued our technology expert who testified for us at trial, and that case was also dismissed. Frustrated and vindictive, this disturbed individual then sought a restraining order against Amanda Lollar. The judge threw out Cummins’ ridiculous motion for a restraining order and also sanctioned Cummins to pay our attorney fees. (Insurance provided attorneys in California.) Cummins has also filed a personal injury lawsuit against Bat World and its Board, claiming she was ‘injured’ with her alleged bump on the head while she was at Bat World. We are being represented pro-bono in that case as well, and fully expect it will be dismissed.

To date Mary Cumnmins has created hundreds of malicious and defamatory pages about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. She has also falsified government documents and uploaded these files as “proof” of her outrageous accusations. Since the trial, we have been contacted by over 20 professionals who were also attacked by Mary Cummings. These individuals include real estate agents, animal care specialists, journalists, an LA City Councilwoman, a stock broker, company owners, a rock star, a professional wrestler, attorneys and even neighbors. Unfortunately, internet laws are not yet in place to stop the behavior of malcontents like Mary Cummins.

We have created a Facebook page for other victims of cyber-stalking and adult bullying, to share and learn how to fight back. Our beloved attorney, Randy Turner, created a page on his own professional website which outlines what Cummins has done to us and continues to do to her victims (including Randy himself). Until Internet laws are changed, our only recourse is exposing our attacker at every available opportunity.

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