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Amanda-staff pageAmanda Lollar, Volunteer Executive Director/Lead Caregiver
Amanda has acted in an unpaid position as Executive Director and Senior Animal Caregiver since 1994. She is an author of both scientific and popular literature about bats, including her most recent work, Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats. In August of 2016 Amanda received The Carol Noon Award for Sanctuary Excellence and has twice been nominated for the Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading prize for conservation. Click here to read her CV.


Peekaboo showing Mariah how she wants her treat cups filled.

Moriah Adams, Senior Bat Caregiver
Moriah has been fortunate to have worked with many species during her time volunteering at rehab facilities and working at the Dallas Zoo. She has a B.S. in Aquatics and Fisheries Biology and enjoys spending time on the water. Since she was a small child she has surrounded herself with the company of animals, basically welcoming anything with hooves, paws, scales or claws. Moriah feels as though conservation and education are key to the preservation of species. “So many people have disdain for bats only because they know very little about them. I’m so pleased to have found Bat World and look forward to not only expanding my knowledge of bats, but also sharing that information with others.”

Bridget Cameron, Assistant Director
Bridget has always been fascinated with critters other people dislike, believing that all animals have a place in the world and should be appreciated for their intrinsic value. Bridget’s professional life took her from the coast guard to college, to working as an Environmental and Water Conservation Specialist. Bridget spent four years conducting bat surveys for CALTRANS, and then obtained a BS in Captive Wildlife Care. She worked at a domestic animal sanctuary in Wyoming before coming to Bat World Sanctuary, where she is finally able to fulfill her dream of working with animals and educating people on the beauty and the special niche bats have in the world.

Addison McCool, Assistant Director
 From a young age, Addison has always surrounded herself with animals. She grew up riding and showing horses, donkeys and mules, as well as rescuing dogs and small animals. She hopes to pursue a degree in Aquatic Biology in the future, and in her free time she enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring national and state parks. After spending time working in Yellowstone National Park, she found her love for bats while rescuing downed insect bats in the historic lodge she worked in. Since joining the team at Bat World that love for bats has only grown, and she always looks forward to learning more about such an incredible, misunderstood animal.

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