Conservation Efforts

For well over 50 years, Mexican free-tailed bats have been using older buildings throughout Mineral Wells as roosting sites and as nurseries in which to raise their young. Future planned development in the area has made it no longer feasible or safe for local bats to continue roosting in these older buildings.

The Bat Castle idea was inspired by Bat World’s wild sanctuary, a 100 year-old sandstone building located in Mineral Wells, Texas. It was designed after noting the roosting preferences of the bats in our wild sanctuary (photo right). The castle is located on protected land and is capable of providing a safe refuge for hundreds of thousands of bats for decades to come.

A generous grant from the Chase Giving Campaign, along with private donations allowed us to complete the Bat Castle.

The bat castle serves as a safe release site for displaced bats as well as a stop-over sight for migrating bats.



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