Our Donor’s Rights

Bat World Sanctuary is committed to honoring the rights every donor by promising the following: Every donor has the right: To know how Bat World Sanctuary intends to use donations, and of our capacity to use donations effectively and for … Continue reading

Mary Cummins False Reports to Government Agencies

Mary Cummins has made numerous false reports to USDA about Bat World Sanctuary. After making her false allegations, Mary Cummins then sent Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIAs) to USDA to obtain her complaints against us. She then manipulated the FOIA’d … Continue reading

Lone Star Woodcraft

ABOUT LONE STAR WOODCRAFT BAT HOUSES Lone Star Woodcraft Bat Houses were designed based on the results of more than ten years of research and meets and exceeds all the criteria as outlined by Bat Conservation International’s bat house certification … Continue reading