About Mitch

I am a volunteer at and Associate Writer for Bat World Sanctuary, and proud to do both. When I'm not inundated with trying to soak up my boss' vast knowledge of bats or learning the highly sophisticated daily routine at Bat World, I enjoy yoga and meditation, good music, good books and writing, and am a budding and enthusiastic cyclist, making the seven mile trip to Bat World on my trusty, pretty Schwinn every morning. My legs hate it, but I love it. I also work on the Inside Bat World blog detailing the sometimes hectic, often funny and always interesting goings on at everyone's favorite bat sanctuary.

A Day With The Fruit Bats

As I mentioned in the craft shop rescue story, I think some people have an unrealistically tame vision of what animal rescue really is.  I know I did.  We often get inquiries about volunteering for a day or two at Bat … Continue reading

The First Visit

It’s different once you’re used to them, once your eyes learn to pick them out of the darkness, but when you’re stepping into the dimly lit enclosure for the first time, you hear them before you can see them.  The … Continue reading